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Giant Hogweed- A Busy Summer

Giant Hogweed in Edinburgh

Giant Hogweed in Edinburgh

Warm weather and plenty of rain have created the perfect conditions for weeds to flourish this summer. Weed control treatments using herbicide have been difficult to plan due to the wet weather. Once treatments have been made, heavy rainfall has reduced the efficacy of treatments in some areas. We’ve been very busy…

It’s been a while since our last update on this site, however, our Twitter account and Facebook have been in regular use. Giant hogweed has been the main focus for us this summer as a result on many children being injured by this non-native weed in areas all across the UK. IWA’s business manager, Graham Rudd, was quoted in this Giant Hogweed Daily Mail article and appeared as a guest on BBC Radio Scotland to talk about giant hogweed.

It’s great that the level of awareness is increasing regarding the damage giant hogweed can cause. Hopefully, the press coverage will lead to an increase in pressure on landowners and the spread of this weed will be brought under control. Legislation can be a useful tool against landowners that are reluctant to manage their giant hogweed infestations. Obviously, it’s best if people are proactive and actually want to limit the threat posed by giant hogweed on their land, however, it is sometimes necessary for local authorities to give people a nudge in the right direction by issuing a species control order.

CBBC’s Newsround has released a video to advise found people how to respond if they come in to contact with giant hogweed. They have also produced another video to explain about the dangers of this weed.

If you need expert advice on management of giant hogweed then call us on 01383 416 556.

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