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How to Kill Japanese Knotweed

Treatment of Japanese Knotweed

How to Kill Japanese Knotweed (one way!)

We are regularly asked how to kill Japanese knotweed because we have a long record of doing so on sites across Scotland (Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Inverness etc.). Some people, however, believe that it is impossible to kill this invasive weed due to its rhizomes. Others simply fear Japanese knotweed and have no basis for their view that it is impossible to kill. This attitude highlights the problem with Japanese knotweed and how to deal with it. An example of the confusion surrounding Japanese knotweed can be found in this Daily Mail article.  The answer to the problem is education. Invasive Weeds Agency Ltd offer educated advice on Japanese knotweed in order to save people time and money when faced with this weed. By raising awareness of this weed, we can help people to take measures to prevent it from spreading. You could save thousands of pounds by not cutting it down and attempting to compost it which may spread the weed. Similarly, by restricting access to the Japanese knotweed you could prevent it being spread across the site or onto neighbouring land thus saving you large remediation costs.

There are many people offering Japanese knotweed eradication in the UK, however, some of them have never killed any Japanese knotweed yet they claim to be experts on the subject. As a result, they mislead people and fail to completely eradicate the Japanese knotweed they are treating which perpetuates the myth that it is impossible to kill. The same people offer courses and seminars that paying customers can attend to learn about tackling the problem of Japanese knotweed. The presentations offered are nothing more than long sales pitches, favouring one method over another in order to maximise the company’s profits at the expense of the customer.

So, how do you kill Japanese knotweed? By arming yourself with knowledge of the plant and the treatment options available. Also, you have to ask yourself, do I really need to kill it or simply remove it?

If you are unsure of the best method for ridding your land of Japanese knotweed, or you just need some advice,  you can email us here.

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