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Japanese Hogweed? Himalayan Ragwort? Giant Balsam?

Giant Knotweed- Not Giant Japanese Knotweed or Giant Hogweed!

At Invasive Weeds Agency we are often called out to jobs that apparently contain weeds with all sorts of weird and wonderful names! Japanese balsam and Giant ragwort are just some of the plants supposedly plaguing people’s property – all of them non-existent and simply a case of being incorrectly identified by clients requiring Japanese knotweed or Giant hogweed eradication. However, outbreaks of Giant knotweed and Himalayan knotweed are known to us and although their names appear to be a misleading combination of existing invasive weeds, they are out there and can be identified by the trained eye! Check out our gallery usual suspects for help correctly identifying invasive weeds in all seasons and when in doubt, call us out! We offer a complete and comprehensive site survey to correctly identify the problem and outline all available methods of eradication before treatment begins.

For professional eradication of Japanese knotweed, giant hogweed, Himalayan balsam or any other invasive weeds (Giant knotweed, ragwort etc.) call Invasive Weeds Agency on 0845 676 9252 or contact us here.

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