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Japanese knotweed grows over 1.5m tall in 1 month

Japanese knotweed Glasgow April 2011

Scotland continues to be plagued by Japanese knotweed, which, due to the warm weather, is growing at an incredible rate. The pictures below show a site in Glasgow where the Japanese knotweed has grown over 1.5 metres tall in 1 month!

You may, so what?

The problem with Japanese knotweed growing so quickly becomes a factor when this weed is spread across a site by accident. We visit many sites where people have unknowingly disturbed Japanese knotweed and as a result have increased the size of an infestation considerably which results in greater remediation costs. We urge you to learn how to identify this and other weeds as it may save you time and money. Our website has further information and our Facebook page has more pictures.

Japanese knotweed Glasgow May 2011

If your land is plagued by Japanese knotweed or any other highly invasive weeds such as giant hogweed, Himalayan balsam or horsetail then please contact us for advice on how to deal with them.




With offices in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Castle Douglas and County Durham, we offer a nationwide service to eradicate invasive weeds so no site is too far for us to visit.

For expert advice on Japanese knotweed, giant hogweed and all other weeds, call Scotland’s premier weed control specialists, Invasive Weeds Agency Ltd, on 0845 676 9252 or email us here.

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