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Japanese Knotweed- A Problem in Ellon

Japanese Knotweed a Problem in Ellon

Japanese Knotweed a Problem in Ellon

Once again, Japanese knotweed is in the papers as a councillor tries to have it brought under control. Unfortunately, this is an all too common tale. This time, Ellon in the north-east of Scotland is the place affected by Japanese knotweed and it is the local councillor, Gillian Owen, who is trying to get BEAR Scotland to bring the weed under control. The story was report by the Ellon Times and can be found here.

Similar stories have been popping up online over the past few months with areas of Wales seeming to be very badly affected by Japanese knotweed. So, it begs the question; what can be done to halt the spread of Japanese knotweed?

There are many ways to stop Japanese knotweed from spreading. There are two kinds of spread- natural growth and disturbance/accidental spread. The main thing for avoidance of the latter is to prevent disturbance the knotweed’s rhizomes or underground stem network unless the entire infestation is going to be removed and disposed of correctly. For the inexperienced, removal of the entire infestation is not straightforward process as it may require digging to a depth of 3 metres below the surface. Having a go at it with a spade is a no-no!

The most common way to stop the spread of Japanese knotweed is herbicide treatment of the plant. One of the main reasons for this is that the costs are relatively low when compared with other methods of control or eradication. More details of our professional treatment methods can be found here. Remember, Japanese knotweed in the UK does not spread by seed, therefore, preventing access to the area coupled with a herbicide treatment programme should halt the knotweed’s ability to spread.

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