Japanese Knotweed Warranties & Guarantees

We offer our clients our company insurance backed guarantee (IBG). Our clients have peace of mind knowing that  INNSA will still honour our guarantees even in the unlikely event of us being unable to do so due to insolvency. If this were to happen, any remedial works would be completed by an alternative INNSA contractor at no additional cost you other than the first £100 for which you would be responsible.

We offer IBGs in 5  year increments and the guarantee is provided as part of our standard service. At no additional cost, the guarantee covers for any additional treatment necessary as a result of Japanese knotweed re-growth in the guaranteed area. The main freeholder of the site is usually named as the main beneficiary of the IBG. Additional beneficiaries that have an interest in the land, such as leaseholders, can also be named.

The insurance coverholder is Elite Insurance Group, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority – Registered No. 449832


Why is a Japanese knotweed eradication warranty important?

Warranty cover is important because Japanese knotweed is a difficult weed to eradicate. Regardless of the method used to eradicate this weed, there is risk that one small part of the plant may not be treated or removed correctly. This small piece of Japanese knotweed may go unnoticed for quite some time. In this unlikely event, without warranty cover, the client may have to spend more money on having the Japanese knotweed treated or removed, especially if it has taken a long time for it to re-emerge. If there is warranty cover in place then it is simply a case of contacting the Japanese knotweed contractor and asking them to remedy the situation.

What length of Japanese knotweed warranty cover should I choose?

The length of warranty cover will depend on your situation and the Japanese knotweed to be eradicated. A very small, juvenile Japanese knotweed plant may not be well established and therefore it may be easier to eradicate than a large infestation that has occupied a site for decades. In this case, a short warranty may be appropriate whereas a much longer warranty may be more suitable for the large, mature Japanese knotweed. IWA advise our clients on an individual basis.

Another thing to consider is what do you intend to do with the property where the Japanese knotweed infestation is? If you are planning on selling or remortgaging the property before all traces of the Japanese knotweed infestation are gone then it is advisable choose warranty cover for a minimum of a 3 year period. Why? Mortgage lenders are reluctant to lend money for properties with faults. Japanese knotweed can cause serious damage to properties and it can spread rapidly if it is not treated. Mortgage lenders want the reassurance that the Japanese knotweed will be eradicated by a professional company that offers a warranty for their work.

Warranty Options

There are several options for warranty cover in order to meet specific requirements. All of our work relating to Japanese knotweed and invasive weed eradication is underwritten by our insurance. To discuss what option would be best for your situation, please contact our team.

In Insurance Backed Guarantee


  • Monitoring the area for the duration of the warranty.
  • Reporting
  • Remediation of any re-infestation that may occur.

The ultimate protection for your home improvement investment 

The Invasive Non-Native Specialists Association (“INNSA”) have joined forces with Insure Risk Limited to provide even greater security for your investment in the eradication of Japanese knotweed from your property. 

As an INNSA member, we will issue you with a guarantee against regrowth once they have completed the program of treatment to remove these most invasive and destructive weeds. That guarantee will be underwritten at no cost to yourself with an Insurance Backed Guarantee provided by Insure Risk Limited.

Choose a reputable business 

All INNSA members must adhere to the term and conditions of the INNSA charter and any that choose to have their workmanship covered by an Insurance Backed Guarantee issued by HomePro have had financial and legal checks carried out on them and had positive references from former customers.

Elite Insurance Group Backed Guarantee – what is it? 

It is an insurance policy that protects you should your chosen INNSA member cease to trade, as defined in the policy, and is unable to honour the terms of the guarantee given to you on the completed project.

What does it cover? 

Materials and labour to ensure the eradication of any re-growth covered under the guarantee issued by the INNSA member for a period of up to 5 years after completion of the initial treatment.

The policy will cover residential properties (including new build & housing developments) but not commercial projects (e.g. civil engineering projects).

Any other significant features? 

The Insurance Backed Guarantee, which is paid for by your INNSA member, is transferable to any new owners of your property provided the contractor’s guarantee is transferable.

For further information on our Japanese knotweed eradication warranty or warranty option for other invasive weeds (giant hogweed, Himalayan balsam etc.), please call us on 0845 676 9252 or make an online enquiry here.

For more information on Japanese knotweed treatment options please visit the Our Services page.