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Invasive Species Podcast- Episode 1- Japanese Knotweed


Japanese Knotweed PodcastNew Podcast on Invasive Species- Episode 1- Japanese Knotweed

Invasive Weeds Agency’s Co-Founder, Graham Rudd, presents our new Invasive Species Podcast. In this episode, Jed VanHagen, IWA’s BASIS Qualified Project Officer presents his ‘Invasive of the Week’,¬†Japanese knotweed¬†(Fallopia japonica). What is Japanese knotweed? What does it look like? What problems does it cause? How can it be managed/controlled? A feature length podcast on Japanese knotweed will be available soon. Over the course of the series we will cover in detail all of the invasive species that pose a serious threat to the environment in the UK. We will also look at how the rest of the world is being affected by invasive species, how invasives reach new areas, control strategies and ways to analyse the efficacy of control measures. We will look at the role technology plays in the fight against invasive species and we will be speaking to some of the leading experts on the subject as a whole. Our new invasive weed identifier app allows people to gain instant access to photos and info on invasive plant species as well as being able to report the locations of such so that our team of experts can provide immediate assistance. The Weed Identifier (UK) app is available at Google Play and an Apple version will be out soon. Episode 2 will be released on Friday 27th of February 2015 featuring the weekly invasive species news, Jed’s ‘Invasive of the Week’ plus great tips on management of invasive species. Got a question about an invasive species? Call our team on 01383 416 556 or email us at IWA. Getting to the root of the problem.