Qualifications & Standards

Who is responsible for work undertaken by a contractor?

The client who appointed them. 

Appointment of any contractor does not absolve the client of responsibility.


Invasive Weeds Agency is proud to have achieved the following standards in order to provide the best possible service for our clients whilst maintaining the highest levels of safety:

  • -BASIS Advanced Contractor Certification Scheme (BACCS)

  • -Amenity Assured

  • -Invasive Non Native Specialists Association (INNSA); Steering Committee Members, Contractors & Consultants

  • -Which? Trusted Trader Members

  • -ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 



What is BASIS?

BASIS is an independent standards setting and auditing organisation for the pesticide, fertiliser and allied industries.
In practice this means that BASIS:

  • -Offers a range of examinations and recognised qualifications for people working in the pesticide, fertiliser and related sectors;
  • -Operates an annual inspection scheme to audit pesticide stores and ensure their operation presents minimal risk to people and the environment;
  • -Manages the Professional Registers for qualified pesticide and fertiliser advisers and for public health pest control professionals;
  • -Operates the BASIS Advanced Contractor Certification Scheme (BACCS) and the new Amenity Assured standard to raise and maintain good practice standards in the amenity and industrial pesticide sectors;
  • -Provides a forum for industry trade associations and other stakeholders to discuss how professional standards can be maintained, improved and promoted;
  • -Works closely with industry, the regulatory authorities and government to promote and develop professional standards.


What is the Amenity Assured Scheme?

The Amenity Assured standard has been developed by key UK organisations (BASIS, NAAC, NPTC and CPA) which have the responsibility to address the concerns of government, local authorities and many other amenity organisations with regard to amenity weed control.

The aim of the Standard is to:

  • – Set standards
  • – Examine operators
  • – Audit contractor performance
  • – Certificate staff and businesses
  • – Award on merit the associated qualifications
  • – Establish codes of good practice

“The Government believes it is important that those who use, or employ others to use, pesticides understand and adopt best practice measures to help minimise the risk of pollution. There is some evidence to suggest that the understanding of best practice within the amenity sector may not be as great as that in other situations. The Government has sought to address this, firstly, by incorporating the old voluntary code of amenity use into the revised statutory Code of Practice; and secondly, in our National Pesticide strategy by creating an amenity action plan. This plan highlights the importance of stakeholders working collaboratively. We welcome, therefore, the creation of Amenity Assured which is consistent with, and will help support the work of, the national pesticide strategy. It is an important step in helping to improve standards in the Amenity Sector.”

Source: Chemicals Regulation Directorate


What does Amenity Assured mean?

It means that organisations achieving the Amenity Assured Standard will offer the following assurances:

  • – High quality operational standards
  • – Legal compliance
  • – Endorsed by BASIS (Registration) Ltd
  • – Contractors are independently audited on-site, in office and with client each year to ensure ongoing compliance
  • – Code of practice compliance is an essential part of ensuring high quality performance
  • – Legal requirement for all operator staff to hold the relevant certificate(s) of competence in the safe use of pesticides
  • – Standards of operation set and examined to a high level and certificates awarded when level achieved
  • – National Register of Sprayer Operators membership advised


BASIS Registration listed

  • – Storage of pesticides to meet legal and code of practice requirements
  • – Managed by a nominated and certificated storekeeper
  • – CRD-listed pesticide products backed by BASIS qualified sales and advisory staff


Amenity Assured Standard

Contractors which apply pesticides to be compliant:

  • – Code of Practice Standards adhered to
  • – Audits completed to high competence level
  • – Best Practice Standards achieved
  • – Operator and store certificate current and up-to-date

Advice & recommendations:

  • – BASIS (FSTS) qualified
  • – Statutory (legal) requirement

Spray operators:

  • – NPTC – (statutory) certification required
  • – National Register of Sprayer Operators recommended

Storage of pesticides:

  • – BASIS registered storage facilities
  • – Nominated Storekeeper (statutory certificate required)

Transport of pesticides:

  • – Code of Practice Standards adhered to
  • – Machinery used
  • – Sprayers calibrated regularly
  • – National Sprayer Testing Scheme recommended


What does Amenity Assured mean to me as the client?

As a Company, Local Authority or Utility user of pesticide application services it means that


  • – Will adopt ‘Best Practice’ by following the – Code of Practice for using Plant Protection Products
  • – Give a reliable high standard of work
  • – Meet all legal requirements and standards
  • – Comply with high standards of environmental safety
  • – Safety to the Public
  • – Safety to Employees
  • – Safety to Property and Business Equipment
  • – Meet all relevant codes of practice
  • – Apply only pesticides/biocides legally approved by the CRD/HSE
  • – Apply pesticides as per current label recommendations to meet the highest standards of product stewardship


Click here for further information on Amenity Assured


What is The Invasive Non Native Specialists Association (INNSA)?

We are proud to be members of the steering committee of the industry body The Invasive Non Native Specialists Association (INNSA).

The Invasive Non-Native Specialists Association (INNSA) is the industry body for companies involved in controlling and eradicating invasive non-native species in the UK.

INNSA aims to improve standards within the industry and offer peace of mind to clients.

INNSA’s activities are split between providing advice, services and support to our members and influencing the EU and UK policy agenda and guidance on non-native invasive species. INNSA believes that together it is the most powerful voice in the industry. INNSA’s aims are to encourage the highest standards within the industry and improve the business climate in which the industry operates, as well as to promote and protect the interests of its members through contact with government, other industry and non-industry organisations, the media and the general public.

INNSA’s activities are backed up by the highest quality standards assurance.

INNSA proposes to extend its services in future to offer awareness, regulatory and eradication training programmes.

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WHAT IS A Which? Trusted Trader?

Which? Trusted Traders is an endorsement scheme which recognises reputable traders who successfully pass the Which? rigorous assessment process. This includes:

  • A credit check
  • Check of customer references
  • A visit from a Which? Trusted Traders Assessor
  • Examination of business procedures
  • The trader must sign up to the Which? Trusted Traders Code of Conduct and Terms & Conditions

Further information on the Which? Trusted Trader scheme can be found here.