Who We Are

IWA specialises in invasive weed management and ecology. Founded in 2007, by father and son, Nigel and Graham Rudd, IWA has successfully eradicated Japanese knotweed, Giant hogweed, and Himalayan balsam on many sites across the UK including the Queensferry Crossing Project, London’s Crossrail Project and several large supermarket developments.

IWA’s domestic projects have helped clients to sell their properties or secure finances by removing the threat of invasive weeds. As one of the UK’s longest practising ecologists, Nigel Rudd’s experience has led IWA to great success and driven the company to pursue projects with real ecological benefits such as the Japanese knotweed and Rhododendron control for the Argyll Fisheries Trust in order to increase biodiversity and encourage brown trout to spawn in streams previously blocked by weeds.

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Members of INNSA, BASIS Amenity Assured & Safe Contractor Accredited

We offer our clients our company insurance backed guarantee

Rigorously tested treatment methods resolve weed problems effectively

Rigorously tested treatment methods

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“They were reassuring, professional, caring and delivered a personal service, which has proved to be dependable over the last 3 years, with absolutely everything under control.”

Ms Thomson, Dundee

How We Work

Step 1 – Survey

Book a survey by a Japanese knotweed expert and take the first step to ridding your property of Japanese knotweed.

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Step 2 – Report

Our specilaist Japanese knotweed report will identify the full extent of the infestation and propose the best treatment options and costs for eradication of the Japanese knotweed infestation to ensure your property becomes free from this non-native weed.

Step 3 – Treatment

Our BASIS qualified team will use the best treatment methods to eradicate Japanese knotweed from your property whilst maintaining the highest standards of health & safety.

Step 4 – Guarantee

Once we have eradicated the Japanese Knotweed, we will issue an insurance backed guarantee that will give you peace of mind for years to come. We will monitor the site annually to ensure that in the unlikely event of reoccurrence, the Japanese Knotweed will be dealt with swiftly.