Invasive Weed Services

We offer bespoke services regarding invasive weeds such as:

Advice, surveys, proposals methods of treatment, licence applications, monitoring supervising and training.


If you have any queries regarding invasive weeds then please contact us by phone on 01383 324 335 or by email at or use the contact form on this website.


A professional site survey is an integral part of the treatment programme for controlling invasive weeds.

Our team provide comprehensive site surveys which identify the extent of the invasive weed infestation, the potential impact on the environment and the intended use of the site.

We feel that the problem of invasive weeds needs to be tackled swiftly and effectively to protect both the environment and the individual’s legal obligation.

We endeavour to survey land during the acquisition stages to enable a quick response to treat any invasive weeds present and so the costs associated with treating the invasive weeds are considered before the completion of purchase.


We issue a proposal document after we have completed a site survey. The proposal details our findings from the survey and lists the options for controlling the invasive weeds present on site.

Often there are several treatment options available, each with different timescales for completion and prices for each option.

License Applications

On behalf of our clients we will complete all licence applications necessary for the treatment of invasive weeds.


Once the application stages of the herbicide treatment programme are complete a monitoring period begins to ensure that eradication has taken place. When required, rhizome samples are taken and tested for signs of growth activity.


We can provide our trained staff to supervise site work which is in close proximity to invasive weed infestations. This can help stop the spread of invasive weeds prior to and during a treatment programme.

Also, there are times where it is more economical and practical for excavation work of invasive weeds to be undetaken by our client using their own operatives and machinery. We can provide supervision of these works to reduce the vast quantity of soil to be removed. Our supervision can help reduce costs and minimise the impact on the environment.